BROOKE MUELLER‘s nude photos are currently being shopped around, star news has learned.


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It seems now’s the time for another photo scandal to hit Hollywood. And for it’s newest victim, sources reveal that it’s none other than one of Charlie Sheen‘s ex-wives, Brooke Mueller.

The actress, who has been checking into rehab lately for her drug problems (for the 19th time!), reportedly has a few of her naked pics being sold to different media outlets.

TMZ gets into details:

“We’ve learned Brooke took the pics herself, just after she got out of the shower.  The two pictures are really graphic.  The angle is NOT flattering … and on top of that, she’s dripping wet, and not in a good way.  It’s kind of like looking at a topographical map of the Rockies.”

According to the site, the explicit snapshots were intended for her Jewish singer ex-boyfriend’s eyes only.

Unfortunately (for her), an “disgruntled ex-assistant” wants to change that.

Stay tuned…

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