According to Hollywood news, One Direction’s LOUIS TOMLINSON told the press to “take it easy” on JUSTIN BIEBER.

Isn’t that nice of him?

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Justin Bieber had a pretty rough time while in London.

After having one of the “worst” birthdays there, he was criticized for being late to a concert and was recorded having a curse-filled verbal match with a British photographer. In addition to all of this, he collapsed on stage last Thursday.

This made One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson feel compelled to give the press some much-needed advice.

The British singer tweeted on Friday:

“Although I don’t know him personally, I do wish the press would take it easy on @justinbieber.”

He added:

“I really do empathize with him, I don’t see anything out of character in comparison to any other teenagers I know.”

We’re sort of siding with Tomlinson on this. After all, Justin‘s only a teenager and is probably cracking a little bit now with all the intense focus given to him by the unforgiving media.

Do you agree?

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