According to Hollywood celebrity gossip, JON HAMM has just been offered a lifetime supply of underwear to cover up his impressive private parts.

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There’s been a lot of buzz and speculation over the fact that Jon Hamm appears to be in possession of a distractingly large penis, as it always seems to be visible through the fabric of his pants.

Why? Because he reportedly doesn’t wear underwear—ever.

Upon hearing about Hamm’s little (but not actually little) problem, underwear brand Jockey offered to give the actor a steady supply of underwear for the rest of his life. The company tweeted:

“We hear Jon Hamm’s too big for his britches. @Jockey’s offering free underpants for life to the @MadMen_AMC star.”

Well, the man doesn’t like wearing underwear, so we doubt he’ll be using them.

Do you think Jon will accept a lifetime supply of Jockey briefs and boxers?

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