Star news has just learned that JUSTIN BIEBER‘s mansion in Los Angeles held a pot party last week, care of his crazy little friend, LIL TWIST.

But before you lose all hope in the pop star, he wasn’t there to witness it.


Justin Bieber continues to be surrounded by bad company and illegal substances.

Apparently, his stoner friend (not to mention serial car wreckerLil Twist held a huge party at the pop star’s swanky Calabasas home last week Tuesday even without the Justin around.

It’s almost a given that there was marijuana (Twist was there, after all) and they could’ve smoked it using the hookah at the party.

justin bieber house party pictures 01

According to TMZ, the rager welcomed roughly 40 girls and a few guys. Alcohol was present as well, with “nearly 2 dozen” beer bottles and hard liquor.

It is unclear why the Biebs was missing, but we’re kind of glad that he was.

Take a look at the rest of the party aftermath pics below:

Photos Via Lil Twist‘s Instagram / TMZ

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