LINDSAY LOHAN has (unofficially) been joined by an actually competent California lawyer for the actress’s upcoming trial later this month, Hollywood news reports.


david wohl

After Lindsay Lohan stupidly fearlessly rejected a plea bargain that can keep her out of jail in her ongoing car crash case, she’s needs a very experienced lawyer (just like her recently-fired longtime attorney) who doesn’t permit her wrongdoings (like her current one, Mark Heller, does) as she goes to trial this March 18.

Fortunately, a California lawyer named David Wohl has bravely stepped forward.

TMZ reports:

“California attorney David Wohl wants to join New York attorney Mark Heller when Lindsay‘s case is called on the 18th. As you know … the judge reamed Heller for his incompetence and gave him an ultimatum — either bring in a California criminal defense attorney who knows his ass from a hole in the ground, or make Lindsay say out loud that she gives up her right to a competent lawyer.”

It’s important to note that this lawyer didn’t simply fall from the skies. The report states that Lindsay‘s estranged father, Michael Lohan, may have had something to do with Wohl‘s involvement–something Lindsay may not be thrilled about.

The site explains:

“We’re told Michael Lohan found Wohl – who’s practiced criminal defense law for 25 years and has offices in Orange County — and the lawyer is ready and willing to help. We’re told Wohl – who has handled cases ranging from shoplifting to murder — has been in daily contact with Heller.”

While the pieces of the initial puzzle seem to be falling into place, Lindsay has yet to confirm that she wants Wohl to represent her. But whether or not she does, Michael has reportedly advised Wohl to attend the trial anyway “to force the issue.”

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