MILEY CYRUS popped (a.k.a. “twerked”) her booty in her latest Twitpic, according to star news.

See for yourself:

miley cyrus twitter

Miley Cyrus enjoys showing herself off lately,  seemingly to distract her critics from rumors of a broken engagement to fiance, Liam Hemsworth, who just recently came back from sexy Australian vacation.

The singer-actress, who also just recently started wearing her engagement ring again after reportedly having it fixed, has been sharing a few visual treats for her fans (and perhaps Liam himself)—a video of her “twerking” in a unicorn onesie and, more recently, a photo with her popping her behind for the camera.

The last one was probably a thank you for all the positive reactions towards her dance video, based on the “#MCTWERKTEAM” message that she posed with.

What can you say about her new, um, butt craze?

Photo Via Miley Cyrus‘s Twitter

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