SCOTT DISICK recently made his girlfriend KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN cry after he ordered her—yes, ordered—to lose her baby weight “faster.”

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It’s pretty well known that the members of the Kardashian Klan are divided in opinion when it comes to Kourtney’s boyfriend and baby daddy, Scott Disick. And really, with the inappropriate threesome requests, the sexual comments about Kourtney on Twitter, and the alcoholic tendencies, it’s really no surprise.

But if you thought Scott couldn’t get any worse, think again.

In Sunday’s episode of “Kourtney & Kim Take Miami,” the chauvinistic reality star complained about the fact that Kourtney still hadn’t lost her baby weight.

“Last time around you tried to watch what you were eating, after you had Mason… at least you were losing weight.”

And when Kourtney told him that she wasn’t losing weight as fast as she did before because she was trying to lose weight the “healthy way,” Scott responded:

“Just do it faster — you’re my piece of machinery!”

Kourtney, who had started crying by this time, told him:

“I feel like it’s definitely harder this time to lose the weight.”

To which Scott replied:

“If I would have fell in love with you a couple of pounds overweight, this would be my ideal weight, but I fell in love with you when you were super skinny.”

In his confessional interview, he then tried to make it seem as though he wanted her to lose weight faster for her own confidence and self-esteem, and not for his selfish reasons:

“Right now seems to be probably the heaviest she’s ever been not pregnant. When we had Mason I remember her trying to whip herself back into shape pretty quick. This time around it seems like it’s the least of her concerns, and the only thing she thinks about are the kids. I just think that she would feel better if she got back into the shape that she feels the most comfortable in.”

Later, however, Scott seemed to realize his mistake and tried to apologize to his baby mama:

“I’m sorry doll — you’re a good looking lady, you’re proportioned properly, you got a beautiful kneecap and a gorgeous little face. I love you.”

What can you say about Scott’s remarks to Kourtney about her weight?

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