In recent star news, rapper SOULJA BOY is currently being slammed left and right by his followers for sharing pics of codeine cough syrup on his Instagram account.

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It’s obviously a very dumb move… considering the fact that Lil Wayne almost died last week after suffering a series of seizures from drinking too much of the codeine-laced recreational drink, “sizzurp.”

As you can obviously tell, Soulja has been spending less and less time doing what he should be doing (like making music) and more time doing stupid, mindless things—like getting arrested for possession of marijuana, lying about buying a private jet, “accidentally” posting a pic of his penis on the Internet, and, most recently, sharing glamorized photos of drugs on his Instagram account.

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Unsurprisingly, the people of the Internet are not pleased. Soulja has been getting thousands (yes, thousands) of hate comments from angry fans and haters on the offending photos.

Here are some of the comments:

“we will eventually see u on the news like lil Wayne in the hospital having ur stomach pumped for over dose on cough syrup.. All that [money] and no sense that cough syrup will eventually kill your organs.”

Lil Wayne just damn near died from that cough syrup crap and here you are drinking it??? Y’all must really think this is funny or some shit.”

“[Soulja Boy] your a joke, your not a rapper, and your for sure not original! Ur tats are garbage u can’t sing, but yet your lucky ass signed with YMCMB! Ur a copy cat, tunechi had te syrup ever since he started everyone knows thT, but bcuz of it he’s sick, and u just think ur cool with your money and cuz u have syrup. You were a one hit wonder that’s what you are and what you ever will be, stop acting like a “G” or stupid s**t like that cuz all you are is a joke to rap”

“N**ga dumb for posting cough syrup”

What are your thoughts on Soulja‘s latest Internet scandal?

Photo By PR Photos / Soulja Boy‘s Instagram

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