Hollywood news reports that TAYLOR SWIFT‘s earnings for 2012 is bigger than ANNE HATHAWAY and BRAD PITT‘s combined salaries for the same year.

We’re totally not kidding.

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You can continue to mock Taylor Swift for her infamous songwriting method and diss her crazy love life all you want… she still earned a whopping $57 million in 2012 alone (pun unintended) from her hit breakup songs, which makes her the 3rd highest-paid female celebrity according to Parade‘s “What People Earn” issue.

In fact, add up Academy Award-winning actress Anne Hathaway’s $10 million and Brad Pitt‘s $35.5 million—already including his $7 million from his bizarre Chanel no.5 commercial—and she still comes off the winner.

Pop superstar Justin Bieber came thisclose to catching up to the country singer with $55 million.

Hmm. Who’s laughing now?

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