Hollywood celebrity gossip has it that KIM KARDASHIAN is now resorting to waxing after her current pregnancy has triggered a regrowth of body hair.

Sounds like one of her worst nightmares!

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We’ve seen quite a few shocking physical changes in Kim Kardashian since she got knocked up by Kanye West in October—she’s gained so much weight, her breasts appear to be bursting from her outfits (even more than usual) and her huge belly’s already the size of a watermelon.

And now, she gets to love another common bodily change: more hair all over her body!

The reality star, who is already hairier than normal because of her Armenian blood and decided to conquer it by having laser hair removal a few years ago, is reportedly experiencing some serious hair regrowth.

So, how does she deal?

TMZ reports:

“We’re told Kim has recently been forced to wax — something she hasn’t done in years — and she’s already made appointments to get the new hair growth re-lasered after she gives birth.”

Ah, motherhood.

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