MILEY CYRUS may have been caught smoking weed on her balcony in Miami this weekend, according to the latest Hollywood celebrity gossip.

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It seems Miley Cyrus was really singing from the heart when she collaborated with Snoop Lion--the newborn Rasta famously known as the rapper¬†Snoop Dogg–in the drug reference-infused song, “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks,” because just two days after the track was released, she may have done some weed.

You read that right.

The rebellious, engaged pop star was spotted smoking something that appears to be rolled in brown paper, with friends on her Miami Beach hotel room balcony on Saturday.

Cigarette, you say? Considering the brown rolling paper, we seriously doubt it.

See the photos of Miley‘s smoking sesh HERE.

What can you say about Miley possibly smoking marijuana?

Photo By PR Photos

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