NICKI MINAJ argued with MARIAH CAREY (again!) on the latest episode of “American Idol,” entertainment news has learned.

Will these two ever get along?

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Before the current season of “American Idol” even started airing, new female judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey already managed to get into each other’s nerves, which resulted to cuss-filled fights on camera and even alleged death threats.

Fortunately, the tension eventually died down—at least enough for a considerable working environment—but on Wednesday, the divas just might be sparking the fuse again.

It happened while Minaj was explaining how her opinion regarding contestant Knee Harrison’s performance differed from Mariah‘s. Mariah suddenly cut her off and said:

“I disagree with your disagreement.”

Nicki quickly responded:

“What? OK. Simmer down, sir.”


Watch the replay HERE.

Do you think this will start another series of feuds between the two?

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