Hollywood celebrity gossip tells us that SNOOKI and her fiancé (and baby daddy) JIONNI LAVALLE have “eloped” on April 1st.

Check out their “wedding photo”:

snooki jionni lavalle elope

Of course, we now know the date’s not a coincidence!

On Monday, also known as April Fools’ Day, Snooki pranked her fans by telling them that she secretly married her longtime fiancé—and father of her first sonLorenzoJionni LaValle.

To “fool” her fans, the former “Jersey Shore” starlet shared a Photoshopped picture of “her” in a wedding gown while being hugged by a well-dressed Jionni. She captioned it:

Jionni and I eloped … here’s a pic of the magical day!”

Even though it probably took everyone just a few seconds before realizing it was fake, Snooki admitted later:

“APRIL FOOLS ya freaks!! My ass is gonna have a huge wedding lets be serious lololol”

What do you think of Snooki‘s prank?

Photo Via Nicole Polizzi‘s Celebuzz

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