DAVID SPADE recently admitted that he thinks AMANDA BYNES has good boobs.

Hmm… Someone’s trying to get on her good side!

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As you may already know, Amanda Bynes has lately been a staple in Hollywood news for both her recent alleged pot possession arrest and her blatant Twitter attacks against celebrities and tabloids who write “fake” reports about her. In short, it’s all been a crazy few weeks for the retired actress—and whoever tries to figure her out.

Thankfully, we have David Spade to simplify it for us.

The “Grown Ups 2″ star hesitated at first, telling TMZ outside The Improv on Tuesday night:

“I’m scared of Amanda Bynes. She’ll call me ugly if I say anything about her.”

But with caution, he continued:

“I think she’s really pretty and I think she has good boobs. If you cut out all the ‘stuff,’ … she’s technically, for all intents and purposes, very pretty — but I think she’s getting in her own way.”

Other than her looks, he seemingly defended her by saying that she actually “had a point” when it came to how she’s been unfairly portrayed in the media.

Watch Spade‘s interview below:

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