Star news has learned that DRAKE BELL compared JUSTIN BIEBER to VANILLA ICE and Beliebers “awful people,” in a new series of tweets that he posted on Friday.

He’s at it again!

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Drake Bell still doesn’t like Justin Bieber… or his massive fan base.

The former “Nickelodeon” kid, who has previously made fun of the pop star’s Beliebers and even compared the Biebs‘s slightly feminine look to Miley Cyrus, was suddenly in the mood to indirectly insult Justin on Twitter on Friday.

First, Drake tweeted similar photos of Justin and Vanilla Ice. It was captioned:

“This is what you all have to look forward to…”

drake bell twitter screenshot 460x508

In addition to that, he posted another picture of Vanilla Ice with a caption likening him to the young pop superstar…

drake bell twitter screenshot21

…and of Bieber himself wearing a ski mask with a Chanel logo—with a sarcastic caption, of course.

drake bell twitter screenshot3

But he wasn’t done. He even picked a fight with a Bieber fan, who asked why he hates Justin‘s fans. Drake answered:

“Because you are awful people.”

The fan later told him to “Go die,” but Bell simply responded:

“My point exactly.”

How mature.

Then again, he could simply be trying to make himself relevant again.

How do you think Justin‘s going to react this one?

Photos By PR Photos / Drake Bell‘s Twitter

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