According to recent entertainment news, JUSTIN BIEBER, SELENA GOMEZ, PINK and DIDDY are reportedly being eyed by producers as the next “American Idol” judges.

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You’d think that with Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey‘s constant feuding and arguing, “American Idol” would be in pretty good shape in terms of viewership… but clearly, that’s not the case.

In fact, the plummeting show continues to receive abysmally poor ratings with every episode.

According to recent reports, “American Idol” producers are looking to hire a “dream team” of judges (composed of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Pink and Diddy) next season to help resuscitate the reality competition show and bring it back to its former No. 1 spot among all the other singing competition shows.

A source tells

“It’s been a lackluster season for Idol and everyone involved with the show is well aware of it so that’s why producers are franticly working on lining up big name stars for season 14… There’s more drama going on behind the scenes of the show than on the stage, and that’s why there’s a major overhaul in the works. A telling sign was that the highlight of the season was Mariah and Nicki’s explosive feud that was leaked on the web – and that was before the season even aired. Producers have been trying to recreate that buzz ever since and it hasn’t worked – the public isn’t buying it. The judges don’t have real chemistry, and there’s no real standout contestant.”

The insider continues:

“That’s why they want to go big next season, and you can’t get any bigger than Justin Bieber. The executives are calling it their dream team because who wouldn’t tune in to see Justin and Selena, Pink and Diddy? Pink has been approached in the past and turned it down as well as Diddy, who wanted too much money. It will cost a fortune to get them, but the show has gotten so stale that Fox is desperate for a revamp – they’re willing to pay to put Idol back on top.”

Would you watch the show next season if Justin, Selena, Pink and Diddy became judges?

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