Yesterday, KANYE WEST nearly attacked a photog in pure rage after banging his head on the metal pole of a street sign while walking around L.A. with KIM KARDASHIAN.

And it was all caught on video!


Known for his awards show outbursts, rage-filled stage rants, and daily temper tantrums, Kanye West has cultivated a reputation for being one of Hollywood’s biggest douchebags… and although he seems to have mellowed out some over the past few months, he displayed some of his trademark rage yesterday after banging his head on a street sign.

The rapper was walking down a street with girlfriend Kim—on their way to have lunch at a Beverly Hills restaurant—with his head down due to all the paparazzi swarming them, when he accidentally walked headfirst into a street sign.

(Watch the video HERE)

It seemed that Kanye was going to freak out then, but he only told the photogs to “stop taking f**king photos,” then calmly walked into the restaurant with Kim.

Minutes later, however, the hot-tempered rapper rushed out of the restaurant—alone this time—and rushed at a photographer… as if to attack him.

While he advanced towards the man, Kanye yelled:

“Don’t take a f**king ‘nother photo man! All you motherf**kers stop it!”


Photos Via Video Screen Grabs

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