PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER says “I apologize” for cursing out the DJ at L.A.’s Sayers Club, from which he was kicked out last Saturday.

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Patrick Schwarzenegger had quite an eventful Saturday—one that his famous (divorced) parents probably won’t appreciate.

The teen model decided to crash the famous Sayers Club in California with his friends… and used a fake ID to get in. Once he fooled the club bouncers, Arnold‘s son reportedly threw ice cubes at the DJ for unclear reasons. Authorities at the club then took notice of him and kicked him out after realizing that he was underage.

His troublesome behavior continued outside, however, where he bad-mouthed the DJ and threatened to “beat the f*ck out of him.”

After realizing he made Hollywood news for the incident, he tweeted on Sunday:

“Excuse my language. I apologize”

How about explaining (if not apologizing for) the rest of the night, Patrick?

Photo By PR Photos

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