PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER used a fake ID into get into a club this weekend and was reported to have thrown ice cubes at the DJ before he was kicked out.

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As it turns out, there was more than one reason for Patrick Schwarzenegger to get kicked out of an L.A. club last Saturday.

Arnold and Maria Shriver‘s 19-year-old wild child and professional model, who was filmed saying that he wanted to “beat the f*ck out of the DJ” while outside Sayers Club, was discovered to have used a fake ID to get in and then caused trouble while inside.

TMZ reports:

“We’re told … Arnold‘s kid — who’s only 19 years old — used someone else’s driver’s license to get past the bouncers at The Sayers Club in L.A. on Saturday night … and it worked.”

The site continues:

“Sources tell us Patrick was rowdy and obnoxious … and at one point, he began throwing ice cubes at the DJ. (His father did play Mr. Freeze, after all).”

Almost immediately after that, club authorities reportedly recognized him and sent him out after realizing that he was underage.

Patrick‘s lucky. He could’ve been arrested, jailed for a year and given a $1,000 fine for using a fake ID in California—something he should have learned from his political parents.

Your move, Arnold and Maria.

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