AMANDA BYNES called MILEY CYRUS “ugly” on Twitter this week, according to celebrity news.

Welcome to the club, Miley.

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On Tuesday, Amanda Bynes found herself a new celebrity to call “ugly” for no reason at all.

Her new target is the newly single Miley Cyrus, and if we were to think of any kind of rivalry between these two former child stars, it’s that they had their own hit Nickelodeon and Disney shows and, more importantly, Amanda thinks Miley‘s ex-fiance, Liam Hemsworth, is the “most gorgeous man on the face of the Earth.”

The troubled actress wrote on her now verified Twitter account:

“@MileyCyrus ur ugly.”

Amanda later added defensively:

“This is my twitter. I say whatever I want. Thanks!”

That’s not all. She then shared a photo of Cyrus at last month’s Billboard Music Awards with the same ill-natured caption.

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Knowing Miley, she’ll probably have a good and sly comeback.

Photos By PR Photos / Amanda BynesTwitter

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