AMANDA BYNES went on Twitter again to say that “I don’t do drugs” and that she will “never marry a German.”

We don’t get it either, but she does explain her tweets. Read on…

Amanda Bynes, who has been making headlines non-stop just for her controversial tweets (just recently for calling Miley Cyrus and tons of other celebrities “ugly”), made new declarations on her online feed.

For her first tweet, the self-professed multi-millionaire stressed that she is sober despite being arrested for pot possession last month.

Bynes wrote:

“For those asking, I’m voicing my opinion. I’ve been asked if I do drugs, I don’t do drugs for the last time!”

About her tweeting verbal assaults, she said defensively:

“If you don’t like how I talk about you. Figure out why I’m talking about you in that way! ;)”

That’s not all. She also made a very off topic declaration about her groom preferences:

“I could never marry a German because I’m Jewish.”

Too bad, Germans.

What can you say about Amanda‘s latest tweets?

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