AMANDA BYNES recently feuded with “Modern Family” star SARAH HYLAND and her boyfriend MATT PROKOP on Twitter.

And yes, the word “ugly” was used.

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Celebrity gossip websites have been studiously following Amanda Bynes’ bizarre (but terribly entertaining) Twitter feed over the past few weeks, and so far she’s insulted everyone—with her trademark “ugly” taunt—from her former crush Drake to her own father, Rick Bynes.

And she hasn’t lost steam yet.

After issuing an apology to Drake for the mean tweets she wrote about him, the actress wrote another random tweet about how much she detests “ugly” people:

“If you’re not hot I don’t care about you”

Now for some reason, “High School Musical” star Matt Prokop (Sarah Hyland‘s longtime boyfriend) couldn’t resist not reacting to this.

He wrote:

“look in a mirror… Stop getting work done. Save what’s left.”

Amanda immediately responded with the wittiest of comebacks:

“@mattpro13 your girlfriend has an ugly face like you”

To which Matt replied:

“wow. The devil speaks. We were fans of yours.”

He continued:

“@AmandaBynes and my girl is more successful than you ever will be enjoy the long road downhill disgusting crack head.”

Whoa. Dude’s obviously not going to back down!

Then, in an effort to prove to Amanda that Sarah is not “ugly” like she says, Matt posted the following photo on his Twitter:

amandabynes sarahhyland

Which he captioned:

“@AmandaBynes this should clear your mind.”

He later wrote again:

“It’s sad @AmandaBynes was a child actress who kids looked up to. Now she’s just a lost soul in a plastic face. #gethelp”

Amanda then wrote back, complaining about how Matt didn’t use a professional photo of her:

“@mattpro13 I like her ugly face! She isn’t as pretty as me! You need to put up two comparable professional photos! She’s not a model I am!!!”

She added:

“@mattpro13 also new pics because surgery helps me! I need more to make my nose smaller! I’ll put our pics side by side to prove my point!”

The actor responded:

“@AmandaBynes you aren’t a model you are plastic. Nothing about you is real anymore. It’s so sad how blind you are to reality.”

He continued:

“@AmandaBynes stop getting work. You were beautiful. Me and Sarah looked up to you. Now you are looking more like a pornstar. #itssad”

Amanda Bynes has since deleted her tweets.

Meanwhile, Sarah Hyland took to her Twitter account to sound off on the feud between her man and the former Nickelodeon star:

“So me and @mattpro13 have officially made it. @AmandaBynes called us ugly!  #blessed”

What can you say about this latest Twitter feud?

Photos By PR Photos / Matt Prokop‘s Twitter

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