JUSTIN BIEBER‘s neighbors are being urged to call the cops on the singer and his friends over their incessant reckless neighborhood driving, according to the latest Hollywood news.


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Justin Bieber‘s Calabasas neighbors are getting increasingly pissed at him and his friends for terrorizing neighbors with their insane driving.

It all started when the teen pop star started driving recklessly in his infamous white Ferrari last month, which caused even his ex-NFL player neighbor, Keyshawn Johnson, to try to confront him after personally witnessing one of his joyrides that ended with Justin allegedly switching seats to throw people off.

To make things worse, Justin‘s trouble-making house guests, Lil Twist and Lil Za, were caught (on tape) ripping through the streets and cursing out neighbors just last Sunday.

Now the residents no longer want just a revolt… They want someone—anyone—from the kids handcuffed for their wrongdoing.

TMZ reported:

“The Home Owner’s Association in Bieber‘s Calabasas hood fired off a letter to its residents … addressing a certain unnamed ‘celebrity’ neighbor who has been wreaking havoc on their streets.”

It’s pretty obvious that they’re targeting Justin,too. According to the site, the memo also  stated:

“The storyline concerns one of our celebrity residents confronting another celebrity resident over alleged dangerous driving.”

It doesn’t specifically mention Lil Twist or Lil Za (or their little incident last week) but it suggests that residents call a Sheriff’s Department hotline as soon as they spot any of the kids roaring through the streets again.

The homeowners don’t have much of a choice either because once they violate HOA rules, they’d be subjected to paying fines and other penalties.

Neighbors are now on close watch for signs of Justin and his buddies. Not that they care, really.

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