KANYE WEST is admitting to entertainment news that he gave TAYLOR SWIFT a mere “backhanded apology” for his infamous interruption during her acceptance speech at 2009 MTV VMAs.

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How Kanye West hit the stage and infamously interrupted Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech at 2009′s MTV Video Music Awards, for which even President Obama called him an “jackass,” is still pretty fresh in our minds (as well as on YouTube).

Of course, the rapper has since repeatedly apologized for his outburst and the country singer even made a song about it, making it easier for the media to make parodies of the incident.

But here’s one thing that would make you think twice about things being well between the two.

Apparently, Kanye doesn’t actually regret dissing Swift that night when he said Beyonce had “the best video of all time”!

He admitted in a new interview with The New York Times that what he did was mere “instinct,” adding:

“It’s only led me to complete awesomeness at all times. It’s only led me to awesome truth and awesomeness. Beauty, truth, awesomeness. That’s all it is.”

And here’s the shocking part. He explained the true nature of his apology to the media and Swift:

“You know how people give a backhanded compliment? It was a backhanded apology. It was like, all these raps, all these sonic acrobatics. I was like: ‘Let me show you guys what I can do, and please accept me back. You want to have me on your shelves.’”

Hmm. Any reactions? Taylor?

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