LIL WAYNE finally broke his silence about the controversial video of him trampling an American flag during a music video shoot, telling celebrity news:

I “didn’t” do it on purpose!

lil wayne steps on us flag1

Obviously, he was lying.

The rapper drew criticism over the weekend when a clip of his music video shoot for “God Bless Amerika,” in which he performed and stomped on top of the U.S. flag, surfaced online.

Of course, we’re not new to his shocking videos, but this was just too serious to ignore. We even suggested that he might’ve been trying to send a message, as the flag was allowed to fall on the ground (on cue) to reveal a group of African-Americans.

Wayne, however, had a weird explanation excuse. He tweeted today:

“I didn’t step on the flag on purpose! It’s a scene in a video where the flag drops behind me and after it drop [sic] it’s just there as I perform.”

The problem is, we can clearly see that he looked down on the Star-Spangled Banner several times in the video. If it was really a mistake, he probably would’ve hopped off it. It’s not like he was seizing, anyway.

Still, we ask… Do you believe Wayne?

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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