MICHAEL JACKSON‘s haunting death scene pictures—the complete set—have surfaced online, recent Hollywood news reports.

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It’s been almost four years since Michael Jackson was declared dead after suffering a serious heart attack in his Los Angeles home, which was later blamed on his physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, for wrongly prescribing him amnestic and anti-axiety medication.

While millions continue to grieve over his unexpected passing (he was 50), photos of his death scene have just been published online by TMZ, providing an exclusive into how the King of Pop had lived before his last breath.

Expect to see the “doll he slept with,” LOTS of medication and bottles of Propofol, medical supplies, intriguing writing on the wall, decorative masks, old costumes and even Dr. Murray‘s “mysterious medical bag.”

Check out all 155 photos HERE.

Photo By PR Photos

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