JANICE DICKINSON was hospitalized and suffered a bad concussion after an accident at a drug store in Beverly Hills on Thursday, recent celebrity news has learned.

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Janice Dickinson had a pretty serious stroke of bad luck this week.

The 58-year-old former supermodel, who’s now happily engaged to a doctor, was outside Ride Aid drug store in Beverly Hills on Thursday when she hit her head hard against a closing parking garage door. According to a report by TMZ, she then fell on the ground and damaged her knee.

You’d think that she’d voluntarily have herself checked afterwards, but she waited until the pain started to set in that night before deciding to a doctor. The site also tells us Janice went to UCLA medical center on Friday morning and that was when she found out that she suffered a bad concussion.

She’s currently recovering at home, but she admits she still feels “pretty horrible.”

Get well soon, Janice!

Photo Via Janice Dickinson‘s Instagram

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