Entertainment news has learned that JOHNNY DEPP kissed JIMMY KIMMEL on the lips during a recent appearance on the latter’s talk show.

Admit it, it still makes you jealous!

johnny depp jimmy kimmel kiss

One can’t possibly ignore Johnny Depp‘s incredible good looks—not even Jimmy Kimmel himself!

The veteran actor, who can probably outshine anyone even in his grungy Jack Sparrow getup or in a dress, dropped by on the comedic host’s “Live” talk show on Monday night, where he bwas generously complimented for his “handsome… let’s just be honest, very beautiful face.”

Then suddenly, Depp thanked Kimmel by giving him a kiss on the cheek—and then on on the lips. And because that wasn’t enough, the actor planted a third one.

Believe it or not, it was “more kissing than [they] had done in all of high school.”

Watch it below:

Photos Via Video Screen Grab

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