In a new video that’s been making its rounds on the Internet, JUSTIN BIEBER is seen peeing into a janitor’s mop bucket at a restaurant in NYC.

What a cool guy.

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Justin has been displaying a lot of bad behavior over the past few months… like indulging in recreational drug use at parties, threatening to beat people up, and driving like a reckless maniac around his gated community in Calabasas, California.

And now, here’s one more incident of bad behavior to add to the list.

During a seemingly drunken night at a New York restaurant with some pals, the “Beauty and a Beat” singer decided it would be fun to use some poor janitor’s mop bucket as a urinal—so he peed into it while his friends laughed and filmed the whole thing.

Justin, for the most part, was also cackling his head off as he did the deed.

It was a real douchebag move, since whoever uses that bucket would be using it to clean the restaurant’s floors… and if the person neglected to change the water before using it, they would end up spreading pee-laced water all over the floor. And obviously, that means they would end up having to do double the work, because then they’d need to clean out the bucket, replace it with clean water, and then mop up the floors… again.

After his whole pissing episode, the teen pop star decided to wreak more havoc at the establishment by spraying blue cleaning solution on a photo of Bill Clinton that was hanging on one of the walls.

As he sprayed, the Biebs said:

“F**k Bill Clinton!”


Watch the entire thing in the video below:

Photos By PR Photos / Video Screen Grab

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