Hollywood celebrity gossip has it that JUSTIN BIEBER refuses to ditch his “true friends,” LIL ZA and LIL TWIST, even after they’ve caused him to doing some of the craziest, tabloid and arrest-worthy things these past few weeks.


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We all know Justin Bieber has been under some really bad influence lately, thanks to his so-called friends, Lil Za and Lil TwistWith them, the pop star has smoked weed, taken some recreational drugs, got into arguments with neighbors, pissed in public, dissed ex-presidents and got himself in boiling water for his reckless neighborhood driving.

Not to mention, the fact that they’ve been holding rowdy house parties at his place and wrecking his cars!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Justin is open to the idea of making them pack their bags and let them go.

Sources tell TMZ that he considers his Lil pals “true friends” and even though his camp has been “very concerned” about his behavior whenever he’s in their company, he would “never turn his back on his boys, because that’s not what friends do.”

The site also suggests that it may also be because of the fact that he’s been surrounded by adults almost his whole life and he’s not going to push kids like him away.

Get ready for the worst but hope for the best, then.

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