The latest Hollywood news reports that KANYE WEST angrily attacked (another) photographer at LAX, and it seemed pretty serious because paramedics later responded to the scene.


kanye west photographer victim lax

Just a week after Kanye West attacked a photographer at LAX—the same place where he infamously smashed a paparazzo’s camera and got arrested in 2008—the rapper found himself another victim… and then went completely berserk this time.

Like the last time, “Yeezus” found himself surrounded by a swarm of paparazzi and questioned by one brave photographer, causing West to tell the guy (quite nicely) not to ask him questions.

The tense interaction, however, turned into a full-blown attack (Kanye on the photographer) after the guy kept on throwing the rapper with a series of questions despite his warning. Kanye tried to wrestle the camera away from the pap and the the latter ended up on the floor.

West was later seen jumping into a waiting car, before paramedics rushed to the scene to treat the paparazzi for unknown injuries.

Watch the attack from the poor photog’s POV below:

Stay tuned for updates.

Photos Via Video Screen Grab / TMZ

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