KARRUECHE TRAN recently posted a pic of herself with CHRIS BROWN on her Instagram… and in the caption, she calls him “my baby.”

karruechechris baby

There’s no doubt about it now… they’re officially back together.

When Chris and Rihanna split up (again) two months ago, people thought it was just another one of their only-lasts-a-day-or-two breakups. But soon after the two confirmed the breakup, Chris had reportedly already rushed back into the arms of his other ex, Karrueche Tran, whom he broke up with in October to pursue a relationship with Rihanna for the second time around since their tumultuous breakup in 2009.

Karrueche, who is now living with Chris again, flaunted her on-again romance with the “Forever” singer in Rihanna‘s face over the weekend by posting the photo above on Instagram.

She even captioned it:

“My baby. Good luck today.❤”

Karrueche apparently has no problem with the fact that he dumped her once for Rihanna… and will probably do so again in the near future.

Photo Via Karrueche Tran‘s Instagram

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