PARIS JACKSON has been rejected by a rehab facility in Utah over the fact that she has massive paparazzi following and they don’t want her luring them there, according to the latest Hollywood celebrity gossip.


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A certain rehab facility in Utah is boycotting famous celebrities who are constantly being followed by the media.

That’s what they did to Paris Jackson, the late Michael Jackson‘s teenage daughter who tried to commit suicide with a meat cleaver last month as part of her alleged meltdown.

Apparently, the troubled teenager and her birth mom, Debbie Rowe, have been trying to search for facilities where Paris can “get more professional help” for her depression and death fantasies after she is released by the UCLA Medical Center. They eventually chose the one in Utah,¬†only to be rejected partly because, let’s face it, the young Jackson‘s a hot topic.

TMZ reports:

“Our sources say the facility has turned thumbs down on the request, because honchos at the rehab place fear photogs will go crazy and take pictures of not only Paris but other patients at the facility.”

The site reveals that the mother and daughter are continuing their search.

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