In recent celebrity news, 7-year-old SURI CRUISE was called a “b*tch” (yes, can you believe it?) by one paparazzo as she and mom KATIE HOLMES made their way to their car in New York City.

What a disgustingly vile human being.

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It’s a well-known fact that the paparazzi have a tendency to go a little too far on the job… to the point where they end up harassing the celebrities. Some of them even go so far as to pull cruel pranks, start violent fights, make death threats, and even cause near-fatal car accidents.

But did you ever think they would stoop to hurl derogatory remarks at a child?

Of course they would.

While out and about in New York, Katie and Suri found their way blocked by the usual swarm of photographers that follow them everywhere they go.

A visibly annoyed Suri yells:

“We’re trying to get to the car… Stop it!”

She later says again:

“Get out of the way!”

As Katie and Suri enter their vehicle, one of the paparazzi yells:

“Bye Suri, you little brat!”

Neither Katie nor Suri appear to have heard the comment, but a second man—presumably a photographer as well—heard it, and began reprimanding the first man man.

The disgusting paparazzo replies:

“I don’t care… I don’t care. She’s a b*tch… a little brat!”



Photo By PR Photos

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