According to recent Hollywood celebrity gossip, AMANDA BYNES is reportedly negotiating a hip-hop record deal from inside the psych ward where she is currently being held under psychiatric hold.


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Being under involuntary psychiatric hold is apparently not enough to stop Amanda Bynes from pursuing her dream of becoming a famous hip-hop artist like her on-off crush, Drake.

Despite being under temporary conservatorship, the retired actress is reportedly negotiating a record deal with Chinga Chang Records—even from inside the psych ward where she’s currently residing.

Two months after approaching Amanda with an offer, Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records is still communicating and negotiating with the actress.

Herman tells

“I’ve talked with Amanda a few times and she wants out. She sounded normal, lucid, chill and focused… My record offer to Amanda has not changed one bit in terms of the vision. Part of hip hop is not only struggling, but how one gets out of them. And that is what makes great music!”

He continues:

“I believe Amanda can work out her issues outside of a treatment center and I’m willing do anything in my power to make that a reality…even fund it.”

The hip-hop honcho knows, however, that his biggest obstacle would be Amanda’s mom, Lynn Organ, who is the actress’ primary conservator.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t had much progress with her.

Herman shares:

Lynn knows I care about Amanda getting better before we hit the studio. I’m a fan. But so far no word back from Lynn.”

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