KANYE WEST and KIM KARDASHIAN‘s daughter NORTH‘s first picture has been revealed on “Kris“, according to the latest Hollywood news.

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As promised, Kanye West has revealed the first ever picture of his daughter with Kim Kardashian, during his special interview on Kris Jenner‘s talk show on Friday.

The much-awaited moment comes more than two months after his baby mommy gave birth and allegedly sold bogus baby pictures to throw off the media.

When asked who the baby girl looks like, Kanye answered:

“I pray that she looks like her mother when she’s older.”

He also slammed rumors that they distributed fake pictures, admitting that they really waited for this moment to reveal North.

”I thought it would be really cool on her grandmother’s season finale to bring a picture of North.”

Kanye notes that little North has brought him and Kim “closer,” saying:

“There’s someone more important to us than us for the first time.”

The first-time dad adds:

“My only goal is to protect my daughter.”


Who do you think North looks more like?

Photos By PR Photos / Kris Jenner Show Twitter

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