TARA REID recently told entertainment news that she thinks “whale and shark sex” result in whale sharks.

For real!

tara reid on shark after dark

Tara Reid is at an all-time low.

The actress, who has gained quite the reputation after turning into a party animal and checking into rehab, is raising eyebrows again for some confusing behavior.

She recently joined “Sharknado” co-star Ian Ziering for a riff on “Shark After Dark” for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week special, and she notes that she did some Internet research because she didn’t want to “really sound stupid.”

Sadly, it didn’t seem to be effective… because she drunkenly rambled on about whale sharks and concluded they’re a result of when a “whale and shark have sex.”


She even dared to add:

“So basically, the dolphins have sex with each other, but the sharks don’t. So I thought, then how is it such a thing? But the difference is that a whale shark is the biggest shark in the ocean. He’s also scary, and then you have the great white, who’s also scary. There are over 400 kinds of sharks but the whale shark is kind of interesting because he’s so mean — he’s like a killer.”

Everyone ended up laughing and mocking her, but the thing is, we’re not sure if we could really blame them.

You have to watch the clip. It’s pretty unbelievable.

Watch it HERE.

Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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