The latest star news has just learned that LAMAR ODOM was involved in a minor car crash before his DUI arrest this Friday.

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As it turns out, Lamar Odom is not just in trouble for his longtime cocaine addiction or DUI arrest last Friday… He also got into a car crash!

The troubled basketball star, who is also being rumored to have marital problems with his wife Khloe Kardashian, reportedly got into more trouble on the evening of August 24 when he accidentally got into a three-car collision along the 101 Freeway, where his DUI arrest took place just less than a week later.

The incident was reported by a man named Adolfo Flores, whose car was allegedly rear-ended by the vehicle hit by Odom. The Los Angeles Times reported:

Flores said his car and the car in the middle of the chain-reaction accident sustained moderate damage to their bumpers. Odom‘s car had damage near its driver’s side headlight, Flores said, but it was not clear if the damage was from Saturday’s accident.”

But here’s where it got a little weird.

According to Flores, he got out of his car to exchange insurance information with Odom and the third driver, but Odom initially refused. Flores recalled the towering athlete saying:

“It doesn’t even look that bad.”

Odom eventually gave his insurance form to Flores. After obtaining necessary information, Flores tried handing it back to Odom thrice but he wouldn’t take it.

Flores claims he then asked Odom if he needed the form, and Odom allegedly answered (before finally taking it):

“No, I need it to drive.”

The drivers went their separate ways right afterwards.

Anyway, at least Odom won’t be having any driving-related problems anytime soon because his license has been suspended for a year due to his DUI arrest.

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