Entertainment news tells us TOM HIDDLESTON showed off his naked body in the newly-released trailer for “Only Lovers Left Alive.”

See for yourself:

Tom Naked

Tom, who played Loki in “Thor: The Dark World,” recently—and regretfully—admitted that he once saw Chris Hemsworth, his co-star, naked.

Well, it’s quite ironic that we’ll see him (nearly) naked as well!

Living up to his title as the world’s second “Sexiest Man,” Hiddleston shows off his sexy bod in the new trailer of his movie, “Only Lovers Left Alive”.  From being a god at “Thor: The Dark World”, he stars alongside actress Tilda Swinton in the movie about a vampire couple who have been in love for centuries.

Check out the trailer and his never-before-seen half-naked body below:

Aren’t you excited to see his naked body him in “Only Lovers Left Alive”?
Photo Via Video Screen Grab

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