Celebrity news reports that DEMI LOVATO has warned her “haters” on Twitter to “watch the f*ck out!”

Whoa. Things have gotten serious!

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The blue-haired pop star, who’s leaving X Factor, has just had it with her haters!

After recently calling out Miley Cyrus‘s friend Cheyne Thomas for mocking her history of drug abuse, Demi is blasting her critics, who have nothing better to do but to criticize her singing career, weight and basically anything else they can think of.

Lovato said in her first tweet:

“Haters can only bother you if you aren’t doing anything to prove them wrong. I can’t sing? I’m singing on the treadmill and practicing my a** off. You think I’m fat? I’m already in the gym!!!!! You think I’m irrelevant? WATCH THA F*** OUT.. 2014 I’m GOING IN with my music and touring!!!!!!! Nobody’s gonna stop my grind….. LET’S DO THIS LOVATICS!!!!!!  #PUMPED.”

She added:

“It’s not about looking in shape, it’s about being emotionally and physically in shape from the INSIDE out.. #ScrewNewYearsImStartingNOW”

Lovato has her eyes on the prize next year:

“2014 = health, fitness, strength & MUSIC.”

We do believe that you are beautiful inside and out Demi! It’s about time that these “haters” realize that all these hating won’t do them any good.

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