JACK and KELLY OSBOURNE hacked each other’s Twitter account to post absurd tweets this week.

Must be sibling love.

kelly jack

The elegant TV host, who has been known for her tactless opinions about other celebrities, finally ended her long overdue Twitter feud with Lady Gaga when they buried the hatchet a few weeks ago.

This time, however, Kelly is involved in another Twitter “feud”… with her brother Jack.

The day after Christmas, the Osbourne siblings hacked each other’s Twitter accounts and posted some absurd messages on their respective pages.

Jack started it using Kelly‘s account by writing:

“My breathe smells like curry. and my feet smell like poo.”

Kelly quickly responded using her own account:

“Thank you @JackOsbourne for hacking into my twitter! #YouA**Hole.”

She then retaliated using Jack‘s account:

“I like rubbing mature cheddar cheese between my toes it really turns me on but Gouda makes me climax!”

Kelly took it to another level when she sent hilarious tweets from Jack to Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez.

Don’t you just love their love-hate relationship?

Photo By PR Photos

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