Brad Pitt was caught wearing the diamond that Angelina Jolie designed for him. There was speculation earlier in the week that the jewelry existed, but then Brad was spotted actually wearing the piece. It’s not a wedding ring, but the significance certainly seems to be the same.


The piece actually fit the description as well, so it must mean the diamond pendant was true.

The 35-year-old actress  has commissioned London-based jeweller Robert Procop to make a diamond pendant for him and engrave it with a microscopic love message.

Angelina Jolie rejected an invitiation to last weekend’s Presidential Correspondents dinner in Washington, D.C. According to sources at PopEater, Angelina saw the event as a fancy Hollywood party and would rather spend her free time helping those who actually need help. That’s noble and all, but also so incredibly elitist. Can’t she just be a normal gal with glass of champagne? Just once?

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As reports:

Today rumors hit the newsstand that Angelina Jolie is pregnant with her seventh child. Is this true? Not so fast say those close to Angelina Jolie — there won’t be a new Pitt and Jolie hybrids anytime soon. The rumors are untrue say those close to Jolie.

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Angelina Jolie’s former bodyguard, a man by the name of “Bill” told InTouch that Jolie is a monster who abuses her children. These reports, honestly, just get creepier and creepier. “Bill” told InTouch that Jolie is “psycho” but partner Brad Pitt is laid back and cool. Of course, Brad Pitt is always (always!) the good guy in these mudslinging Jolie stories.

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Bill told the magazine that Jolie “self centered and controlling” (via InTouch):

  Brad Pitt has a reason he won’t shave. Brad isn’t that attached to his scraggly goatee, he is just bored. Bored? With six kids, how can you be bored?

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Brad’s family must like the look! If Angelina Jolie wanted him to shave, I bet he sure would. From People Magazine:

Angelina Jolie wants to sleep with Johnny Depp’s girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. When Angelina and Johnny first started working together in Venice on The Tourist, all the tabloids had a field day with planting gossip rumors that Johnny and Angelina were going to hook up. Untrue, says a source close to the pair — Angelina actually has a crush on Johnny‘s girlfriend Vanessa Paradis.

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