Brooke Hogan’s album stinks because of cocaine! Brooke didn’t admit to using cocaine, but Scott Storch, her producer did! Scott recently came out with some catty remarks regarding Brooke and her music.

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Brooke released an album this summer and it has been met with lukewarm…criticism. She’s canceled shows and not had good turn outs for her autograph signings. Why? We could speculate, since her last album wasn’t so hot either. This is what Scott says via Men’s Style:

Brooke Hogan cancels her show from stage fright. OK, she might not have had stage fright exactly, but Brooke says it was stress related and anxiety based.  Now, it seems to me all performers would have stress, that’s the nature of the job. They don’t pull out of shows last minute like Brooke did. But it gets even worse…

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Brooke Hogan turns down WWE role. Why in the world she even admitted she had been offered a role, I don’t know. But Brooke is the daughter of a wrestler, so maybe it’s not that far of a stretch to ask her?

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Nick Hogan isn’t doing anything right now, I wonder if they offered him a job. I think he could use the work more than big sis Brooke could right now. Brooke has a music career, why would she wrestle? From The Superficial:

Brooke Hogan has no Wal-Mart fans. Or at least not many fans in southern Florida, who want to buy her CD and have it autographed. Brooke made an appearance at Wal-Mart in Davie (FL) and had no fans show up.

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Actually, Brooke did have a couple fans. A boy with a cast had her sign his cast. But he didn’t buy a CD. From Moe Jackson:

Brooke Hogan starts a catfight with Heidi Montag. Not face to face – yet – but with one of her songs on the album Brooke just released. And then Brooke made a video to go along with it. Oh boy, here we go because you know Heidi – and boy toy Spencer Pratt - won’t stay quiet about anything!

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Brooke has a song sub-titled Heidi Montag diss. You know that’s just going to cause problems! From the Hollywood Gossip:

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