Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore supposedly “made out” in New York City this week. Drew and Hugh starred in the 2007 movie Music and Lyrics and reunited on Monday night at the Waverly Inn. According to spied, Hugh walked in and Drew shrieked with delight. This we believe. Drew seems like a shrieker. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, necessarily.

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The spy told Page Six:

Drew Barrymore got her tongue pierced after her split from Justin Long, and thinks the stud scares away potential men. Drew was on the Ellen DeGeneres show and admitted she’s always wanted the piercing and finally mustered up the nerve nine months ago. Since then Drew has been single, but did say having a piece of metal in her tongue was a great diet plan.

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She told Ellen via The Sun:

Drew Barrymore admitted that a third Charlie’s Angels movie is in the works. Drew told E!’s Marc Malkin that she’s excited to reunite with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu for a Charlie’s Angels part III. Although she admits the films are grueling and hard to make physically—they are also insanely lucrative. The two moives have brought in $544 million worldwide.

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Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz may no longer be best friends forever. Wha????? I know, I know. Drew and Cameron have been bosom buddies for so long now it’s tough to believe they may have broken up. Accoridng to sources at the Golden Globes, however, the two were particularly icy toward one another.

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A spy told OK! magazine: