Celebrity news tells us SETH ROGEN advised kids to “just say no” to drugs, in a skit that he did on “SNL” recently… and he wasn’t so successful.

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen didn’t just host “SNL” (for the third time) last weekend, he also took part in a hilarious parody.

In the sketch, the comedic actor played a police officer who got in front of a class filled with kids and did a talk with the simple message: “Just Say No” to drugs.

ED SHEERAN performed his new songs, “Sing” and “Don’t,” during his guesting on “SNL” over the weekend.”

Ed Sheeran on SNL

Ed Sheeran went back to television to offer some good, live music by guesting on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend.

You may remember that he recently amused us with a sexy cover of Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s hit, “Drunk In Love.” But this time, he played his own music—two new songs titled “Sing” and “Don’t.”

We have to say, we didn’t miss his many (though pretty awesome) covers.

PHARRELL and GWEN STEFANI performed the latter’s hit “Hollaback Girl” at Coachella on Saturday night, entertainment news reports.

Pharrell and Gwen Stefani

This year’s Coachella music festival wasn’t just fun… It was a “throwback” of some sort.

Rapper and new “The Voice” coach Pharell surprised the audience by inviting out Gwen Stefani during his performance on Saturday and proceeded to perform her 2004 hit, “Hollaback Girl.”

Perhaps it was a mild reference to his newest album called “GIRL” and Stefani herself, whom he called the most “awesome, rad girl in the world.”

Entertainment news has learned that ED SHEERAN made an impressive cover of BEYONCE‘s “Drunk In Love.”


ed cover

The british singer, Ed Sheeran, is best known for his passionate and unique style in music that translates to his hit songs such as “I See Fire,” “Give Me Love,” “Lego House,” and many more. He also does great covers does justice to these legendary songs. His recent cover is Beyonce‘s “Drunk In Love” and it sounds great!

SETH ROGEN hosted “SNL” this weekend and got interrupted by JAMES FRANCO, ZOOEY DESCHANEL and TAYLOR SWIFT while at it.

But, who’s complaining?

Seth Rogen with James Franco Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Swift

Seth Rogen was given the honor to host “Saturday Night Live” for the third time last weekend (when Ed Sheeran also performed two songs), and it was pretty memorable.

After admitting that his debut was exciting but was quite a blur, the “Neighbors” comedian revealed he documented his succeeding stints in a journal.

DRAKE wore a disguise and interviewed people about himself for “Lie Witness News” last Thursday, star news has learned.


drake disguise

Jimmy Kimmel has been known for his funny and sort-of embarrassing interviews on regular people with all kinds of ridiculous questions. Sometimes, he lets celebrities in disguise do the interviews and the answers are hilarious! This time around, Jimmy Kimmel puts the muscular rapper, Drake, on disguise to interview people … about himself!