Hollywood news has reported that BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH and KEIRA KNIGHTLEY have beaten Nazis in the new “The Imitation Game” trailer.

It looks exciting!

keira benedict

Benedict Cumberbatch is really a hilarious person who can make us laugh at his jokes and swoon over him at th.e same time. He might make us smile most of the time but when it’s time to act, he delivers an award-winning performance every time. In his new movie, he shows us his impressive acting skills once again, and this time he has paired up with the stunning actress, Keira Knightley.

BEYONCE teases fans with a new song and by posting a trailer for “Fifty Shade of Grey” movie, Hollywood news has reported.


AES 089706

“Fifty Shades of Grey” the movie has slowly teased us by revealing the supporting cast last year. This year, the released an official picture for the movie and just recently, a teaser trailer! In fact, the very short teaser trailer was posted by “Partition” singer, Beyonce, on her her Instagram!

ZAC EFRON stripped down and went down off a cliff for an upcoming “Running Wild” show, celebrity news has reported.


zac efron cliff shirtless

Zac Efron has recently been more adventurous than ever especially in his recent vacation. He was seen doing backflips off a boat with friends and was even spotted kissing Michelle Rodriguez. In a new video, for the show “Running Wild Bear Grylls,” we see more of Zac’s wild side and of course, the best part is — he’s totally shirtless.

In recent star news, JENNIFER LOPEZ was “attacked” poolside by LEAH RIMINI. She said to the singer:

“You’re such a jerk-off!”

JLO Leah Remini

Jennifer Lopez formed a strong bond with Leah Remini through the years. In a new video clip, we see more of their sweet love-hate relationship. In the video, Lopez is seen flaunting her bikini body poolside when Remini calls her out for being too fashionable and gorgeous.

In recent entertainment news, JUSTIN BIEBER posted shirtless hiking videos last Thursday.

Bieber shirtless hike

Now that Bieber has finally put his vandalism egging case to rest, he has more time to himself and more time to think. What better way to clear your mind than to hike — shirtless, of course! Bieber posted new videos of himself hiking with friends showcasing their tattooed bodies.

Bieber and his gang went shirtless as they climbed up. He even posted videos of their hike and captioned one video:

Hollywood news has learned that CHARLIE SHEEN looked and probably was “f*cking hammered” at a Taco Bell drive-thru in a new video posted online.

Really, Charlie?

Charlie sheen hammered

Charlie Sheen has been an “old train wreck” to himself and to everyone else around him. He has been constantly slamming artists and celebrities alike for whatever reason. It has also came to a point that he began threatening these celebrities!