DEMI LOVATO returned to being a brunette. She says:

“Gonna give my hair a break.”

demi brunette

You really can’t tell that Demi Lovato was a drug user before, but you can tell that she’s an abuser — of her hair! Her hair has undergone some drastic changes for over the past … months! She’s been blue, pink, blond, and anything else that you can think of.

Celebrity news has learned that KENDALL JENNER wore a silly big hoop nose ring at Coachella over the weekend.


KJ ring4

Now that Kendall turned 18 years old, she has become a real model! In fact, a few months ago, Jenner made a London Fashion week runway debut. Despite being a good runway and print model, Jenner is yet to prove her style choices.

MILEY CYRUS has given up her new dog because “it’s just too soon for me right now.”


Miley Cyrus and dog Moonie

Miley Cyrus is obviously having a hard time mourning the unexpected and “miserable” death of her dog Floyd, earlier this month.

As previously reported, her mom Tish tried to comfort her by giving her a new puppy, whom she called Moonie. Miley admitted she didn’t know if she was “ready to love again,” and it seems she now knows for sure.

MICHELLE WILLIAMS looks absolutely stunning in her new ad campaign for Louis Vuitton.

See for yourself:

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton 4

Michelle Williams stuns us again in another very important photo shoot… this time, for luxury designer Louis Vuitton.

She debuted as an official spokesperson for them last yer and even went to the 2012 Oscars in one of their gowns. And for the new campaign, the (still) short-haired Williams models with (and in) a line of “City” bags.

Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton 2

KATE UPTON admitted in a recent interview with celebrity news:

“I wish I had smaller boobs.”

JOG 002795

One day, Kate Upton‘s “proud” of her boobs, which made her famous on the cover of Sports Illustrated. But the curvy bikini model now says she actually wishes her famous body part was less… obvious.

Upton told The Sun that she wishes she had smaller breasts “every day of my life” as she loves to go “braless” and go for the “smallest bikini designs.” She continues:

Celebrity news tells us SETH ROGEN advised kids to “just say no” to drugs, in a skit that he did on “SNL” recently… and he wasn’t so successful.

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen didn’t just host “SNL” (for the third time) last weekend, he also took part in a hilarious parody.

In the sketch, the comedic actor played a police officer who got in front of a class filled with kids and did a talk with the simple message: “Just Say No” to drugs.