ADAM LEVINE is set to be announced as the “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2013 by People Magazine, according to the latest Hollywood rumors.

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Expect Adam Levine to be named this year’s “Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine as early as next week!

The engaged Maroon 5 singer and “The Voice” coach, who has consistently made the list but never on top, will reportedly be taking over the title—which was previously held by Channing Tatum last year, by Bradley Cooper in year 2010 and Ryan Reynolds the year before that—on November 20, according to Gossip Cop.

NINA AGDAL has finally broken her silence on ADAM LEVINE‘s sudden engagement to BEHATI PRINSLOO:

“I’m happy for them.”

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Nina Agdal clearly got the short end of the stick in her breakup with Adam Levine earlier this year.

After just a few weeks of dating her, Adam abruptly ended the romance and immediately got back together with his then-ex Behati Prinsloo. And to make matters worse, Adam and Behati didn’t just rekindle their romance… they got engaged.

And due to public demand, Hollywood gossip presents some of Hollywood’s hottest male stars… without their shirts on.

You can thank us later!

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Justin Bieber may raise eyebrows when he goes shirtless in public or tweets topless photos, but he can still cause a few—good—heart attacks, especially when it comes to his young, loyal Beliebers.

But hunky stars like Zac Efron, Adam Levine, Scott Eastwood, Paul Walker and Jason Derulo? We’re sure you’d even be asking for it!

ADAM LEVINE has sparked a surprising Twitter feud with LADY GAGA over his tweets about “art.”

It’s even worse than you think.

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Lady Gaga could be in another Twitter feud with yet another artist. But, to be fair, she didn’t start this one either.

Maroon 5 engaged front man and “The Voice” coach seemed to be slamming the pop star—allegedly for referencing famous works of art such as Sandro Botticelli‘s 1486 painting, “The Birth of Venus,” in her “Applause” music video—in the tweets that he posted on Friday.

BEHATI PRINSLOO recently posted a pic of fiancé ADAM LEVINE in his briefs on her Instagram account.

Uh, you don’t need to brag, Behati.

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We all know that Behati Prinsloo has done the impossible—she’s tamed one of showbiz’s hottest perpetual bachelors.

And now, with an engagement ring from the heartthrob rocker on her pretty little finger, the Victoria’s Secret stunner has decided to rub it in our faces… with a half-naked photo of her hubby-to-be!

According to Hollywood celebrity gossip, ADAM LEVINE reportedly told ex NINA AGDAL about his engagement to BEHATI PRINSLOO via text message.

Harsh, Adam.

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When news broke out of Adam’s unexpected engagement to ex-girlfriend (but now fiancée) Behati Prinsloo, many people wondered… what happened to Nina Agdal?

As previously reported, Adam and Behati broke up sometime earlier this year after almost one year of dating, and he immediately began dating Sports Illustrated model Nina Agdal—they were even photographed enjoying a beach vacation together in June.