According to the latest Hollywood news, ANNE HATHAWAY hid out in a stranger’s car to avoid paparazzi in Los Angeles today.

Oh, Anne.

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Anne Hathaway continues her interesting (and quite embarrassing) streak of accidents.

The Oscar-winning actress, whom we last heard from for her nipple dress at the Academy Awards and a devastating wardrobe malfunction, is currently being talked about for her little boo boo after being welcomed by paparazzi outside the Los Angeles International Airport on Monday.

As always, the Vanity Fair Oscar Party Photo Booth provides us with some of the wackiest (and most adorable) celebrity photos ever.


We don’t know how this set compares to last year’s Vanity Fair Oscar Party Photo Booth, but we’re pretty sure this year’s album will not disappoint… especially since it has “Sexiest Man AliveChanning Tatum (and his wife Jenna Dewan) in it!



And speaking of gorgeous couples… check out Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom:

Hollywood news reports that TAYLOR SWIFT‘s earnings for 2012 is bigger than ANNE HATHAWAY and BRAD PITT‘s combined salaries for the same year.

We’re totally not kidding.

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You can continue to mock Taylor Swift for her infamous songwriting method and diss her crazy love life all you want… she still earned a whopping $57 million in 2012 alone (pun unintended) from her hit breakup songs, which makes her the 3rd highest-paid female celebrity according to Parade‘s “What People Earn” issue.

According to Hollywood celebrity gossip, ANNE HATHAWAY threw a “fit” after realizing that AMANDA SEYFRIED‘s Oscar dress bore a striking a resemblance to her own (supposed) gown for the awards night.

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Anne Hathaway reportedly didn’t take it well at all when she learned her planned dress for her big Oscars night (where she later won an Academy Award for “Les Miserables”) was unmistakably similar to her co-star Amanda Seyfried‘s stunning Alexander McQueen gown.

ANDERSON COOPER defended Oscar-winner ANNE HATHAWAY from her haters, telling them:

“You don’t know her.”


Since Anne Hathaway won her the Academy Award (and a handful of others) for her stunning performance in “Les Miserables,” she’s faced a sudden surge of hate from the masses, especially online. And, you know, it was probably why her alternative Oscars dress ended up having its own “nipple” Twitter handle.

Hollywood news tells us ANNE HATHAWAY recently admitted that her Oscars dress was not her first choice and has apologized for “any disappointment caused” over the swap.

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Now we know why Anne Hathaway lacked glamour at last Sunday’s Oscars with her boring light pink Prada dress (which unfortunately caused a nipple controversy).

Apparently, the Academy Award-winner was slated to wear a stunning Valentino piece but had to change it, not because it broke but because someone else was going to wear something like it—reportedly the Alexander McQueen embroidered gown worn by her “Les Miserables” co-star, Amanda Seyfried,