Bai Ling deserves some attention lately since we haven’t written much about her since her last theft incident. She was arrested for shoplifting a few goodies at  LA Lax. Now I finally realize why she won the award of “Fug Madness of 2008″ – a competition for worst-dressed celebrity hosted by Go Fug Yourself blog.  I say she looks like an alien, I have never seen an ET before but Ling looks like one in my own head.

Bailing april 30 08

Bai Ling has copped a plea in her shoplifting case. Ling was charged earlier this week with petty theft for trying to take a pack of batteries and two Star magazines worth $16.22 from a store at Los Angeles International Airport.

In the plea deal requested by her attorney,

Bai march 12 08

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she agreed Wednesday to plead guilty to disturbing the peace and to pay a fine and penalties totaling $700, city attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan said.

Bai Ling was arrested last month at LAX airport for walking away with two celebrity magazines and a pack of batteries for a grand total of $16! Wouldn’t you call that lame? Anyway, perhaps whatever she’s doing just isn’t paying her well enough. She doesnt’ seem to do very much, does she?

Bai march 04 08

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Ling, 41 was detained by a store employee who summoned police. She was booked for investigation of misdemeanor shoplifting and released after agreeing to appear in court tomorrow, March 5. – Fox

Bai Ling in her transparent short dress at ”The Allan Pineda Lindo” Benefit as presented by Peapod Foundation & She just loves exposing her body doesn’t she? With band-aids all over her legs but still would wear her see through lingerie like minidress! She must be working on some kung fung or action movie with all those cuts or perhaps that’s Bai Ling’s new way to be the cover story?

Bai november 28 07

Bai Ling turned 37 yesterday now how did I miss her birthday? Happy belated birthday to Bai Ling! Wonder if she ever got married back in July.. anyone? She said she was going to get marry to some guy whom she met in Vegas just a few weeks ago.

bailing bday

Bai Ling, who worked with  Angelina Jolie on two projects — Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Jolie’s documentary A Place in Time says that the two shared a “special attraction” during filming.

bai ling bisexual

Ling s ”I felt this energy between us, when we look at each other there’s an energy, an attraction,” Ling told Us Weekly at thier Hot Hollywood party on September 26. “Her eyes transfer a sexual energy to me that makes her irresistible.”aid that Jolie, 32, made her a promise while on the set of Sky Captain. She recalled: “Angelina said, ‘Next time we’ll play lovers.’”