BILLY RAY CYRUS debuted his hip hop song “Achy Breaky 2″!


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After Billy‘s daughter’s success from her risque VMAs performance, all eyes were on Miley.  Miley‘s family launched their own YouTube channel hoping that they would also get to be in the spotlight. Now, Billy, who recently gave advice to the troubled Bieber, debuted a new song that may just put his name back on the charts.

In a new interview for “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” this week, MILEY CYRUS gave advice to JUSTIN BIEBER saying:

“Pay people to make sure you don’t get in trouble.”

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Miley Cyrus is indeed the daughter of singer Billy Ray Cyrus.  Well, not because of the obvious fact that they both are passionate singers with the love for spotlight, but because they both love giving advices. They both gave advice to the clearly troubled star Justin Bieber.

MILEY CYRUS interrupts her dad BILLY RAY CYRUS‘ interview at two-years-old, as seen in an unearthed footage from a local TV show.

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Once upon a time, Miley Cyrus was just a regular kid from Nashville who later turned into the superstar, Hannah Montana. Of course, it could be a little difficult to imagine her that way now, after she blew our minds with raunchy stage performances and went practically naked every chance she gets.

BILLY RAY CYRUS gave advice to JUSTIN BIEBER, star news has learned. Here’s his advice:

“Take a break for a little bit.”

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When Miley performed her raunchy number in the MTV VMAs last year, everyone was anticipating on how Billy Ray Cyrus, her father, would react.  Just like a loving father, he considers her still as his “little girl” no matter what. That’s why, when news broke out about the controversial arrest of Justin Bieber, Billy Ray knew just what to say as an understanding parent.

In a new interview with star news, MILEY CYRUS opens up on being single and admitted that she’s currently having “the best time of my life”.

Miley Cyrus Cosmopolitan 2013 Cover

Miley‘s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, previously revealed that his daughter is now the “happiest that she’s ever been” after she ended her engagement from Liam Hemsworth.

This certainly looks true… because the “Wrecking Ball” singer confirmed it, in a new cover interview for Cosmopolitan’s December 2013 issue.

BILLY RAY CYRUS tells Hollywood celebrity gossip that his daughter MILEY is now the “happiest she’s ever been” after her widely-reported split from ex-fiance, LIAM HEMSWORTH.

Is she, really?

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Miley Cyrus wasn’t able to keep herself from shedding tears in public after ending her engagement to Liam Hemsworth, who has since been spotted kissing another, very attractive girl that he just met in Las Vegas days after their breakup announcement.

But according to her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, she’s actually never been better.